Can't import my old sites into RW6

I have updated to Rapidweaver 6. I have several sites that I created with earlier versions of RW stored in Dropbox. I can’t open any of them with RW6. I just get an error message saying the file can’t be opened. Please help! Any suggestions how I can load these older projects?


There are a couple of very helpful sites/pages that explain what has been quite an involved process. But it’s worth it. Good luck!

I should also note that the video @MarkSealey has posted is no longer accurate: so long as any .rwsw or .rwp projects are saved once with RapidWeaver 5.4.1 (as .rwsw) they’ll be able to be opened in RW. No “Project Export” from RW 5 is required.

Thanks, Nik; sorry. Yes!

When I decided that I finally had to update almost a year ago, it looked a very intimidating process.

RM has made it pretty clear that the move from RW 6 to 7 is going to be much simpler (there were major restructuring of the format from 5 to 6).

But working through the process from 5 to 6 - and asking here if you run into snags - will be well worth it, Rick!