RapidWeaver Rapid cart and stacks

I’ve built a web page and purchased RapidCart and Stacks. I can’t figure out how to use either. The video’s don’t explain and the manual seems to be written by someone that assumes everyone knows already knows the program. Where can I get help?

Sign up for a free trial at Rapidweaver Classroom. There’s a boatload of well-done, in-depth, and easy to follow instructions that can take you through the process for both Stacks and Rapidcart. http://www.rapidweaverclassroom.com

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Here’s Ref Manual for Stacks3

Here’s a Video for Stacks3 partials

I suggest posting very specific questions, one at a time, here on the forums. Response is usually very fast. Once you start understanding how things work everything will come together quickly for you I believe…


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