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I’ve not been following a lot of changes with RapidWaver for a year or more. I still have a site on it and I’m now paying more attention to it and RapidWeaver than I have been (I’m moving stuff off WordPress). But, I’m having trouble finding information on how to use RapidWaver.

  • The manual has disappeared! The link takes me to a webpage which has "Getting started"and then goes into lots of detail about stuff, isn’t there something in the middle?
  • This site, the communities and the page a are confusing - which do I want? whats on what? - and why does the search on never seem to find anything?

OK so I’m a ignorant, not-newbie who still acts like a newbie, I should know this stuff right, user rhymes with looser, but… as a long standing RapidWeaver (6, 7 years?) user its more complicated than ever.

I’ve never found out what “Stacks” and “Snippets” are and probably never will, they just aren’t explained well enough.

Sorry to be -ve - I’m hoping you can fix some of this stuff.

There was a manual, but then it was ‘replaced’ with the KB page. They’ve had a couple of iterations of their knowledge base since RW7 launched as well so I don’t think the multiple transitions have helped things either. A pdf of the manual is still kicking around if you search for it.

FWIW, Stacks doesn’t belong to Realmac, so it’s not really their place to provide that documentation. And I’d imagine Realmac would point to their (mostly paid) videos for in-depth RW instruction.

I realize that’s ultimately not what you’re getting at - that you want Realmac to provide an in-depth, free support manual - I just think that it isn’t their strength right now.

If your goal is to get caught up on Rapidweaver, the next free weekend you have, get a subscription to Rapidweaver Classroom and it will be well worth it. The videos are well done, there’s a ton of them, on all sorts of topics.

You’ll get really good tidbits here and there - WeaverTips is a new and useful tool; there’s a gentleman who’s started producing a bunch of tutorials on his own site ( and then all the developers have various support manuals/videos/forums, etc.

But for an all-in-one solution, I’d get a short subscription to RW Classroom and you’ll be up to speed.

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