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I have followed the online tutorials, as limited as they are, and am a little surprised that after purchasing the software I am now expected to pay for further online advice. I would like to purchase a manual for RW7 and the plugins I have purchased - any suggestions?

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There’s a free PDF manual here.

As for the plugins, the individual developers are normally very good at providing instructions and tutorials. There are normally some demos of the plugin/stack to show you what results to expect.

Are there any particular plugins you’re struggling with?

Newbie lost / looking for manual
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Hi Neil, Thank you for your rapid response, I have: Stacks (working fine with that), Accordion, Blocks, College2 and Flow however I’m finding difficulty with finding any instructions on the latter. The suppliers tell me what they do but not how to achieve it! Also, I’m in the process of re-building my web site previously written on iWeb to Rapid Weaver 7 and I’m not even certain what some of the plugins that come with the original programme do - I’m really disappointed with the lack of support for this programme!

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Just had a look at the PDF manual - thanks it is a great help.

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As @NeilUK stated, most of the addon developers provide excellent support and tutorials. Some are strictly video, some have written docs, and some have both.

It’s buyer beware though as there are a few that don’t have great support. You can always post here and probably get any help you need.

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Unfortunately the only one of these products you probably really need is Stacks. Complete no brainer. The next investment would be in specialized “stacks” for audio, video, special effects, accordions, and more.

I have no idea what Flow even is, so I can’t help you there.

(Isaiah Carew) #7

The Flow manual is here. It’s probably a bit tough to find since Flow changed names a few years back. It used to be called Carousel – but that name was desired by a very large company with lots of lawyers :stuck_out_tongue:


For all our plugins if you look at the very bottom of the plugin page you’ll see a link to the manual. And you can find the whole set (along with a ton of other good stuff) in our support knowledge base: http://yourhead.com/support

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Isaiah, Thank you for this information - I’ve bookmarked all the pages and will read them at leisure.

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