RapidWeaver Show Episode #58

(NeilUK) #1

I’ve just noticed that this week’s episode of the RapidWeaver show is out now http://www.therapidweavershow.com/episodes/60892-episode-58-rapidweaver-for-beginners-tutorials

(Adam Shiver) #2

Listened to it this morning on my drive to the doctor’s office. Literally laughed out loud in the car. Glad I wasn’t on the treadmill at the gym, where I normally listen to the show. Would have made a fool of myself if I were. Keep up the good work @ben and @dan!

(Dan) #3

Aww, thank you. Means a lot to us, especially ben as he’s a sensitive soul :wink:

@Elixir - we need to get you on the show very soon!

(Adam Shiver) #4

Sounds like it could be fun! :smiley: :+1:

(mark hunter) #5

Be great to have some of the long time add on developers like Adam on RW Show!

(Mathew Mitchell) #7

Well he keeps changing policies (for support) and prices. Cloud prices went up again (really, again) today! It seems like someone who drinks way too much caffeine and then excitedly raises prices, or changes policies, while on a caffeine high. Instant “no sell” for me. The products could turn out to be good, but the “reliability” of Yuzool (in terms of what you can count on) is truly weird.

(NeilUK) #8

For me it’s not a question of liking Yuzool or disliking him. I don’t know him other than what I see of him on this forum.

But just like any business, I chose where to spend my money. And while Yuzool has some great products and the website looks fantastic, I find the business model mind-boggling. One product is in this package, the other isn’t, some products are only available as a bundle, some you have to pay for support, some you don’t, some parts of the website are easy to navigate, others aren’t, some people have an account, others don’t.

Having to pay for support, while a noble idea, for a paid product is just insane IMHO.

Having said all of that, if the business model is working and people are signing up in droves for the Cloud Club, I must be wrong.

(Mathew Mitchell) #10

Steve: You write a clear point just now. But consider the above quote. That’s all we have to go on in terms of your “thinking”. We can’t be complete mind readers. Also keep in mind some of us ended up listening to 10 minutes of coffee nonsense: a question you posed but then wanted others to summarize the response for you. Is that professionalism?

(Mathew Mitchell) #12

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Yes, Discourse, this is a complete sentence.)

(Mathew Mitchell) #13

You are probably correct about this. I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like the RealMac guys are simply reading whatever blurb a developer has provided. They haven’t taken the stack or product out for a spin themselves. And I have a sneaking sense that they haven’t always read the developer blurb themselves before coming on air. If they had read they blurb, and did not agree with something strongly enough, then it would be their right to just not talk about the product on air. That would probably be a better approach.

(Mathew Mitchell) #15

Completely understood. My comment still stands. If they didn’t like the donation for support they could have just decided not saying anything about the stack at all.

All that said, it is a weird business practice. I can understand them being surprised or put off.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #16

I try to chime in from a developers perspective.

We have here in the RW community all kinds of models, from subscription, average pay-a-given-price, pay-what-you-want, to donation. We have also a broad difference in per-product-pricing or licensing, from free to 100 US$ for an add-on.

Finding the right business model is difficult, as also finding the best price for a product, and no developer has the right answer right from the beginning.

Is a business model better than the other? Is a given price appropriate for an add-on? Each customer has to decide for himself. And each developer has to find the best way for himself.

I do not think it makes much sense to discuss this openly in a forum (but I also do not want to put down a discussion about that).

In addition, as a developer, you currently do not know if it is good or bad when your product is named and discussed in the RW podcast, unfortunately :frowning:

Do not forget: We are all in this together…

My 2 cent. Happy Weaving.

(Dan) #17

We love Yuzool, and all the other amazing developers that make things for RapidWeaver.

The show would be pretty boring if we didn’t discuss the pros and cons of the addons and the developers that make them. I think the support model was worth mentioning as it’s a novel approach that I’d never seen before.

Having said that, we may have gone a little over the top. Will be a little more mindful in future.


(Dan) #18

Nonsense!? How very dare you, that was some good solid coffee advice :wink:

(Michael Frankland) #19

Thanks @dan Dan - I’ll DM (private message) you on here later :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #20

@Mathew Mathew! What happened? After all the emails over the years and help! Caffeine?! I always thought you were one of the good guys…

And for the record… the price has never increased and the same as when we launched the club ($15)… that’s not a fair comment :frowning:

And policies haven’t changed.

“Reliability” - we’ve alwasy been there for you over the years. I have emails dating back to 2013 in my Gmail…

Oh Mathew!

(Michael Frankland) #21

Thanks @NeilUK Neil - we’ve been having lots of discussions on this so appreciate your time.

Yes you are right - it’s all about choices. We give lots of choices too.

The business is quite simple… if you think of it this way. Cloud club you get everything we make and support.

The others are parts of products so people can get some things individually. I think the confusion you are talking about is related to the Oak Bundle. This is a collection of our stuff 2012-16 - it’s sold as is with docs and demos, so doesn’t need support. The Cloud club of course includes this item!

Apart from that, it should be straight forward. But we’ll work on making the copy clearer.

Thanks for the feedback!

(Michael Frankland) #22

@SteveB Steve - love love you :heart_eyes: Very smart and astute all rounder. Love it. Thanks

(Michael Frankland) #23

Our support is top notch and we work tirelessly at it! As you can see from our site front page comments!

Not much has changed and the podcast didn’t tell the true light on what has happened. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Cloud customers get FREE priority support
  2. Pre sales (e.g “does this stack work in this theme?”) is FREE
  3. If you buy one of the single items, there’s docs and demo files so you don’t need any support! If so, option 4…
  4. On the rare occasion you need to ask something (it’s covered in 3) we have $1 donation support. If it’s a bug on our side, we give you support credits and fix it up! If it’s a question about customisation or something covered in the manual, then you’ve paid $1 to a good cause and get help (we always go above and beyond me and @)

That’s all! It’s not a big deal really.

If people don’t want to pay for our time for customisations and custom code to make stacks and themes do more stuff, they can join the club (and get loads of other stuff worth more than the price), or read the manual. Or ask here in the forum. :slight_smile:

Hope that clears this up!

(Dan) #25