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What is going on with Yuzoo? They were wonderful stacks creators. 1. Can not find stacks on their new website. (Had previously purchased) 2. Also, I have an account with them for support and login does not work. Even when I tried for a new password (which I really do not need), that did not work – both on Safari and Chrome. So could not contact them. Outside of having an account (I tried to contact that way), they now charge for an email. Any ideas??? Thank you!


He just posted late last night… said they were moving things around. Tag him: @yuzool.

Also @kryten still works with him.


Hi @sharijos

Yes, the site has had a bit of a facelift, the offerings have been streamlined and the support function modernised.

To try to answer your questions:-

  1. Most of the stacks are now here:
    … in the ‘oak’ bundle. Its crazy… 60+ themes and stacks in a big bundle for $39. Insane huh?

  2. You can see the options for support here:
    A $ to a worthy charity for support isn’t too bad is it? Cloud club members naturally get ‘all you can eat’ support as well as a tonne of other benefits.

I know that Michael is aware of the criticisms of the website layout on other threads, so thanks for that. I remember when the RW Addons website changed - I was heartbroken! So I know how hard it can be when a site you have come to know and like, changes.

Did you have a specific problem that you were trying to get support about? Anything I can do to help?


Thank you Stuart for your response.

As far as my question, I was just trying to help another RW person on the forum and discovered all these problems. Thank you for the location of the stacks store …. however, I won’t need them.

Reason: I will not be buying any more yuzoo products because of the support issues, as follows:

  1. I absolutely do not want to pay to get help if I have a problem with a product I purchased. Does not matter if it goes to charity (I have several of my own that I support).

  2. I created an account quite awhile ago with yuzoo, and the login page does show up, but the login does not work at all. You push a button, nothing happens. I do know my password, but I did click the ask for new password, that did not work. That gives me little faith in the company. Frankly, I need stacks products where I know the product is reliable (so far, so good on that), but that support would be there for future purchases.

While this is critical, I hope this helps you folks work things out — I did like your products.


I agree with you @sharijos. Although I’ve never purchased anything from Yuzool, the site is such a bag of nails that I’m never likely to. I looked at a couple of stacks, but was sent to a “bundle” deal page. I don’t want a bundle. I just want the stack I need.

Also, the bundle states that it includes all the stacks from 2012-1016, which implies that they’re old stacks and will no longer be developed or supported. I know that’s probably not the case, but that’s the impression given.

Yuzool’s site looks great, but the user-friendliness is a nightmare.


@sharijos @NeilUK
This is useful feedback - your candour is appreciated.


Thanks @sharijos for the feedback :slight_smile:

To add a bit more on this…

Number 1. As @kryten said - support is free to Cloud members (people with accounts as mentioned below in number 2) This costs less than a Stack per month and you get everything all-you-can-eat!

Number 2. It is not working as you are not registered for a Cloud account. That is only for cloud customers. We emailed about it several times over the past 6 months - are you on our email list?

Thanks @NeilUK - you may need them in the near future so if you buy the bundle for the one Stack you need now, you can take it out and use it and the other items are there in your RapidWeaver cannon for future projects.

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

@yuzool Here is an example of an issue on the Yuzool site.

I have this page bookmarked. The page no longer exists because you’ve moved things around, which is ok, but when I land on the “oops” page, I can’t navigate to any other part of the site from there. Clicking the logo doesn’t even take me back to home page.


Finally, something tangible! Thanks @NeilUK

That’s now all fixed :slight_smile:

For that link, please go to:

Any more examples please… :slight_smile:


Ok, here goes :relaxed:,

On the Just Forms page I have the option to “Preview” “Get the Stack” or “Join the Club”. If I click on “Get the Stack”, the stack downloads to my Mac, but it’s not clear if it’s a demo or if I’ve downloaded it for free. Obviously, I’m not expecting to get it for free, but what am I actually getting?

As I mentioned yesterday, the Oak Bundle implies that all the included stacks are now retired because of the “2012-2016” part. That might just be my interpretation of it, but it might make others think twice.

The suggested price of $39 is a sweet deal, but as I only need 1 or 2 stacks for now, the price isn’t realistic. I’m not going to enter $10 to get all of the Oak Bundle because then I would feel like I’m taking the p…

I might also have to eat my words when I said I’m unlikely to make a purchase because the Wall looks great.

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  1. You should separate out your stacks for selling. I bought the $39 package, but I’ve yet to find a stack I want to use.
  2. Why are your manuals not with the stacks? Logically, I want to view a page that has a manual, some screenshots, all information and to purchase in the same place, as a standalone stack. Would rather see something like this: https://stacks4stacks.com. Very easy to understand, all separated out, and I don’t have to go chasing around the site for docs or to pay.
  3. Some of the pages are weird/off… some have instructions/documentation, some don’t. Some of the pages when I click, it doesn’t even fit into the page… I have to shrink the view to see it. http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/pay/how-to.html. I don’t even know how to get back to the main site from here.

Well, the Stack is only the integration. With justforms it is the service you pay for / the webapp / etc. By creating the form you get a ‘form-id’, which can be inserted in the stacks’s settings and then the form works.

Thanks Michael for your reply.

However, as far as the cloud account, I am on your email list, but will probably not become a cloud member. So that does answer why my login does ot work.

In reference to stacks, I only want to buy what I need when I need it. Not interested in a bundle of stacks I have already purchased several stacks that I ended up not needing (not yours).

Just would like to end by stating that I would hope in the future you again let customers buy individual stacks and they are again clearly visible on your website.

Thank you again for your reply.


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As a business person myself, I do agree that one must have a sustainable business model. How this new business model will work for them, only time will tell. However, I have noticed that other weavers have mentioned that they also want to buy stacks individually. Yuzoo will find out over time which model is better for their bottom line.

However, I do not think the RW needs any re-working. Love the program, love the availability of stacks to make life easier.

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I too am rebranding my image, so my old website almost leads nowhere. Second to Michael in software development around the RapidWeaver world are only a few. So frustrated as I have been with all the changes and lack of streaming I held my comments and patiently waited for Michael to get some things worked out. I must say I am now happily logged in to my account because I signed up for the Yuzoolthemes Cloud membership. He told us that was the new path he was taking. I hope though that he does not abort building great themes and stacks for RapidWeaver – his hallmark.


I’ll have to agree with others who are critical of the move to monetize support. It’s not really about the cash it’s about the broken promise of free support. Since your old website is down, I can’t prove it anymore, but I remember reading about ‘all of the spiffing features’ I would get if I made my purchase - support, a few free (very basic) themes, etc. I went to the (new) site to find out more about your new stack and was appalled to see what people are complaining about. Good to see I’m not alone. I can’t trust what you offer anymore.

It’s not about the money, it’s not about the charity (though I prefer to give according to my values and priorities, and I do). I appreciate the need to change your business model, but maybe you support your previous products the way you said you were going to support them and support your new products in based on your new business model. More work? Probably. But keeping me (and others) as a customer will be even more work. I was taught that the best customer or client to have is one you already have because it’s supposed to be easier and cheaper to keep someone then find someone new.

I like the new stack but I’ve decided to hold onto my $$. Probably forever.

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Thanks @bleener you were taught well and that’s good business practise but I don’t understand what you are unhappy with? You’re also unhappy with RapidCart’s support too:

The previous products are still supported and updated when needed. Why would you think otherwise?

You have docs, demos and can ask us but what would go wrong if you follow the manual and demos?

If something breaks, we fix it for free and you can contact us for free (gets credited).

I think there’s been a little over-reaction over all this. We give great support ( as you can read ) and you’re talking about a hypothetical situation at the moment. When you need us, we’ll be there for you as we are for all our customers and have been for 5 years :slight_smile:


Have to agree…it seems people love to overreact, especially the one poster here who has 2 separate threads complaining about developers.


I popped in here because I just, for the first time, bought a pack of stacks from @yuzool and was feeling the same as some others here. The thread was not started by me.

Michael and I have been communicating outside this thread, as he asked me personally what I found difficult about his website, as someone who is new to his products and website. I do not have any problems with Michael, Yuzool or any of his products, and he understands that. If he’s got more people happy than in disagreement with his new system, great. I only wish to see him, and other developers succeed here.