High Praise For The Support From Yuzool

Hi all,

I experienced an issue with a theme that was part of the Oak Bundle from Yuzool. I have to say the company were fast and helpful with their technical support. The matter was resolved promptly and I can only praise the service from both Stuart and Michael.

I would not hesitate to deal with the company again and their themes are excellent value for money.

Thanks guys.


I’ve just noticed that deal today. It seems silly not to (even though I already own a few of the stacks).

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Wow! Thank you so much, that is most appreciated. I am very sorry that you had to wait a few days for a decent answer. Michael is travelling just now and I’m a little behind following a bit of a family crisis - but we are working hard to catch up now.

Anyone else reading this - we are doing all we can to get to you and sincere apologies for any delays.

Thanks again James. Honestly, it’s messages like yours which remind me of just how awesome this community can be!



Yes indeed the Oak Bundle is superb, I have make a purchase a while ago. I can totally recommend it, support from Michael is great :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for all the :heart:
@kryten and I do our best to make people happy as best we can :+1:

Keep rocking your RW projects!

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