Rapidweaver site has video lag only in Safari

I have a pretty strange, difficult to pinpoint issue. I have a website (http://www.andy-lambert.co.uk) that contains videos embedded via Vimeo in a lightbox stack called Limelight (by Big White Duck). On the pages that contain videos (e.g. http://www.andy-lambert.co.uk/showreel.html ) the videos play perfectly in Firefox and Chrome.

In Safari however (but only on SOME computers, including mine), there is a noticeable stutter, or lag, on the videos (most noticeable on the MasterCard “Goalkeeper” video). However, if you click on the full-screen button the stutter disappears. Also, when a stuttering video is playing in the Lightbox, if you drag the whole window down so that only half the video is visible the stutter disappears again. Or alternatively if you make the whole window small the stuttering stops (once it gets to about 850 pixels wide or smaller). I also tried to record the stutter but bizarrely when it was inside the Screencast-o-Matic recorder window the stutter stopped. Very strange.

I’m not sure if this is a RapidWeaver/Limelight Stack issue, or a Safari issue?

I’m using a MacBookPro mid 2015 with a AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB graphics card
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
Safari 12.0.1

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Zero problems playing for me. I’m on an iMac 27 using Safari 12.0.2 with Mojave OS.

My guess is it may be a computer issue (i.e. MacBook) but I’d first consider if it’s the speed of your internet connection. (Sometimes folks can have pretty fast connections but at certain points in the day there are many other folks also using, in essence, the same connection which can obviously slow things down.)

Thanks for your reply, Matthew.
I don’t think it’s a speed issue because the embedded videos play fine on Firefox and Chrome. And other video sites play fine too at HD quality. It’s also different from a buffering stutter, it’s more continuous.
It may well be a MacBookPro issue but I imagine it’ll be too esoteric for the Genius Bar, but I could try! It’s just so strange that the stuttering disappears when the window becomes smaller or cropped…

Not that this helps solve your issue, but they play fine on my old (2011) MBP in Safari 11.1.2 on El Capitan.

Thanks, Don. Good to know.

As per my reply to your support tickets, it also plays fine on the 5 different machines I’ve tried it on.

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Tried on a MBP 15’, Safari 12.0.2 on 10.12.6 on internal and external monitors. No stuttering.

Edit: great videos :wink:

Thanks Andrew. Yes - I’m now pretty certain it must be either a hardware problem or something very specific to the Apple software in my computer. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for checking it out Docfuz. Good to know. And thanks for you kind words about the videos!

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