Issues with Safari on iOS13?

Hey guys! :smile:
I’m having terrible issues with my websites on the very latest iOS13-version Safari (13.1.2).
Website looks like it should in Chrome but in Safari lots of my Stacks don’t even show up (VideoWall) or look bonkers (Side Menu).

Here’s a vid (first how it should look and then how it looks in Safari). Really greatful for any help. I have updated to the very latest v of Stacks 4 and all my stacks are up-to-date.

All the best

The video appears empty on my iPad. Honestly a URL would probably be more helpful.

If you click on the words Here’s the vid it takes you directly to my Dropbox :slight_smile:

I’m sure that he meant a URL to your website with the issue, not to the video.

Since i could open the video, I can tell you that the URL is


The video doesn’t really tell me much about the problem you are having. It’s hard for me to tell what’s going on.

I think one problem you are having is with the Mobile menu? There is a “gap” in menu coverage. At ≥1001px wide you have a top menu. at 1000px the top menu goes away, and No hamburger menu appears until 770px. This happens on any browser.

This would probably be a breakpoint setting?

As for the Safari problems, Looking at the developer’s tools on an iPad I do see a JS error on a video embed.

Trying to call enumerateDevices from a frame without correct 'allow' attribute.

I don’t see this error on FireFox or Chrome on Desktop. That would probably tell us that the latest Safari is more susceptible to this. I don’t know what stack you are using that is calling www.embed-player.js.


Thanks for your very thorough test of our Sketch2React website, much appreciated. :smile:

Yeah I’m well aware of the break point issues, haven’t had the time to fix that yet. We still run this as a side project and I usually spend most time writing and recording tutorials or doing graphical work. But I’ll fix it, needs to be done :muscle:

As of the video, I use Video Wall on the start page plus Flex Video. Maybe that’s why I get a javascript conflict? Hmm. Updating to the very latest version of Foundation right now, going to re-publish and hope for the best :smile:

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