Add-on (ideally Stack) for news (ideally database driven)

May I ask for recommendations, please, for a TOC-style Stack or other Add-on that I can use to display news items - headline + content?

Ideally (MySQL) database-driven.

Until now I’ve been using NilRog’s Flexible List.

Similar functionality… but I’d really like a system where I I can put ‘Headlines’ in one place/on one page - or in Sidebar, and content in another. Stacks would be best.


Why not use Armadillo to create a blog and then you can use the RSS feed to put the content anywhere. You can even have RSS feeds displayed as headlines only and then another feed stack for the content elsewhere. This is what I used for a school website that wanted headlines on its front page.


Thanks! I’d thought of that… I have Armadillo 2, of course :slight_smile: .

But could I get rid of all the clutter that comes with a Blog?

I just want a straightforward single line of text as header; then the ‘news’ in simple, formatted paragraphs.

But I do want the headlines maybe in the home page sidebar and news elsewhere.

Can it be ‘clean’, though?

In fact you can add a simple blog and have a backend for it with :
Very easy to install (no database needed).

Thanks gille!

I’ve standardized on Armadillo.

But I’ll take a look :slight_smile: