Rapidweaver Upgrade Query

Hi all, I have been maintaining a website for a few years using Rapidweaver 5 on Mountain Lion o/s, using the Veerle theme

I have now upgraded to a MacBook Pro M1 with Big Sur o/s

The question I have is, before I spend £80 on RapidWeaver 8.7 for my MacBook, will I still be able to maintain my website using the existing theme?

Many thanks in anticipation.

RW5 is really old. There was a conversion path to get from RW5 to RW8, but honestly the Internet has changed drastically since the days of RW5. The world has gone mobile, and that means websites must now be responsive.

The older RW5 themes were for fixed-width websites.

So you might use the old theme, but you probably wouldn’t want to. RW8 comes with several themes that are responsive and would work much better for the modern web.

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That’s helpful, thank you. I guess I just wanted to avoid having to make fundamental changes to many dozens of pages, but I guess some proactive maintenance is inevitable. It may be an opportunity to bring the website into 2021.

OK I have downloaded the new version of Rapidweaver from the App Store at £79.99 before realising I could have applied for an upgrade at £51 - so that’s a waste of £30 unless there is a way around that?

Secondly, I cannot open my RW5 website. I get an error, “This document was created with an older version of Rapidweaver…”

I have searched the error and have seen a few users run into this issue before, and there are a lot of helpful links on the forum. The problem is these help links are now dead! Can anyone help with a link to resolve this issue? I have tried to find without success.

Many thanks!

As for the price, purchase vs upgrade, since you purchased from the app store, not sure what could be done. You can try to get a refund from Apple (on the email receipt there’s a link right next to the item called “report a problem” you can request a refund and say it was a mistake. They are usually good about giving refunds as long as you don’t abuse them by requesting all the time. Then purchase the upgrade from realmac directly.

As for opening an old RW5 project, there was an old knowledge base article, that has disappeared. You have to update the old Rapidweaver 5 to the 5.41 version and save the project first.

Unfortunately, the release notes (where you can get the 5.4.1) link to the 5.4.1 version is broken.

@dan @Aaron @ben can we get the 5.4.1 version link fixed on release notes?

The reality is that you would probably be better just selecting a new project with a responsive theme and copy the content over from the old site to the new project.

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Here’s the download link for RapidWeaver 5.4.1.


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Thanks for all this Doug - much appreciated. I think you’re right - the best thing will be to start again and copy everything over to a new theme. After all, the web site has been pretty much the same since 2011 - time to bring things into the modern era. Looks like I’ll need a few evenings with copying and pasting!

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