Upgrade Question

I’m still using Rapid Weaver 5. I will be getting a new iMac and will want to upgrade to Rapid Weaver 8. Will I have to rebuild my webpage or can I just open the old file (RW5.2.2) and it will automatically upgrade?
Any insight will be greatly appreciated,

Hi there,

Rapidweaver should auto upgrade the project file for you


It’s a bit more complicated than that. Have a read of this.



As Rob (@robbeattie) said, coming from RW5 to RW8 is complicated. The KB article shows the steps, but so much has changed throughout the years since RW5 it’s probably going to be easier and better to rebuild the website.

Back in RW5 days website’s weren’t responsive, mobile devices weren’t common. Today many websites have more visitors coming from a large variety of screen sizes.

So even if you can follow the steps and get the project file upgraded to the RW8 format it’s probably going to be dated.


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