RapidWeaver versus Magento

Hi guys maybe this it’s not the right forum/ community or subject to speak about other web design platforms but would like to know if somebody familiar with the Magento platform and opinions on it versus RW for e-commerce.

I’m faithful with RW nevertheless looking at other alternatives for my e-commerce web designs :neutral_face:


While I really like RapidCart Pro https://4gnd.com/rapidcartpro/ I am also a big fan of ecwid: https://www.ecwid.com
I’m using it with my own online store and am really loving it: http://www.shuffleskins.de
Here’s a site I built for a client using ecwid: http://www.weingut-merg-frick.de/unsere-weine/
The integration in RapidWeaver is done via a small code-snippet and is really a snap.
Another great choice would of course be Cartloom 4 ( https://www.cartloom.com/cl4promo/ ), but I have no experience with it.


@RapidBase thanks Matthias, will have a look at it too :+1:


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Well, if you want an easy to design and manage site, go with RW as magento can be really tricky.
If you need a good ecommerce site with a lot of options (and maybe no other purpose than selling products), I would recommend to have a look at prestashop or WordPress/WooCommerce. For me those products are easier to develop and maintain than magento.

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Thanks very much Chris for the recommendation, will have a look at this two options too > PrestaShop or WordPress/WooCommerce or even will consider to do it with RW Foundation or Foundry + RapidCard Pro 4 Advanced or Cartloom 4 PRO will see.