Shopify? Any Experience?

I have a client that wants an online store but also to keep all of the other pages of stuff in his existing website. He’s looking at Cartloom and Shopify. I’d greatly appreciate any info on the best service to easily integrate with RW. Thank you!

I’d love to know if you’ve figured this one out: this is of high interest to me personally/professionally…

Me too…anybody looked at OpenCart or Braintree??

I’ve used Cartloom a few times now.
The product isn’t bad at al, I upload onto their database and import code snippets into my rapid weaver project that integrate into my designs. the results look pretty good and clients are very happy.

It’s the best e-commerce solution I’ve come across for rapidweaver, though it does have a few niggles. The stack could be a little more customisable re button options.
The “Beta” App has been Beta for what seems like forever - and doesn’t really work at all.

And the times when I’ve had to contact Yabdab, i’ve found their customer service is truly awful.

Ecwid works great too