RapidWeaver won't save project / Home page has become a giant stacks icon!

(E) #1

All of a sudden I cant save my projects.
I cant save or save as
I have emailed Realmac. But trying here incase I can get a quick solution as I have lots to do today and want to save it!

I get a message
The document “drsarah_mar2016.rw6” could not be saved.
If this happens frequently, please contact Realmac Software support.

So far happened on 2 projects today

(Jason Bostick) #2

I’m not saying this will fix it (and thereby alleviating myself from any liability! :slight_smile:) but when that happened in the past to me, I was given the option to duplicate the project. After doing that, and restarting RW6, the original file worked as normal (and all changes saved, if I remember correctly).

(E) #3

I don’t see that option

HOWEVER! Things have gone from bad to really bad.
My homepage looks fine in edit mode, but in preview its just one giant Stacks icon I published before I noticed this !
YIKES need to fix asap! Everything is up to date …all was fine yesterday

(Jason Bostick) #4

Yikes is right! Have you tried ‘Republish All Files’? Sorry, troubleshooting is mostly out of my depth but that seems to be a common fix.

(PJ) #5

Same thing I did and it worked for me.

(E) #6


I’m able to save now. I rebooted Mac (lost all previous work though)

Now no matter what I do. How I publish the home page of the site is just white with a giant stacks logo!!! no menu no nothing.

Nothing I do fixes the problem … so the site is currently useless !

(E) #7

Im an idiot

I had index php and index html

I deleted the html one via transmit and all working now