Re Published all files but page still exists that I hid/removed

I’m working in Rapidweaver 7.5.6, trying to hide a tab on my website.

I first tried by unchecking “show in navigation” in the inspector box and republished. This worked for another page in the past that I wanted to hide but not delete but it did not work for this page. I cleared the browser cache and previewed the site on FIrefox from RW and it seems to be gone but when I republish it persists.

I tried republishing ALL files and went as far as making a copy of RW program file then removed the page completely and republished - the APPLY FOR GRANT page is still there.

I host through CPanel on GoDaddy and see the file there, even removed it, but still persists!!! I really need to axe this page today, any guidance is greatly appreciated!!


Here is the site itself and not the page I am trying to remove:

It’s strange that by unchecking ‘show in navigation’ the page navigation structure persists. If it isn’t showing in RW but shows in a browser I’d strongly suggest it’s a browser cache issue. Try viewing the site with another browser.

Another suggestion might be that you have two versions of the page. You have forms on the page which suggests a .php extension. I wonder if when you originally created the page you made an html page then added the forms after thereby creating a php version and have publised both to your server.
You will need to manually delete both files. RW doesn’t delete content for you.

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I’ve tried multiple browsers on different devices even. I just removed some files on my Cpanel and broke the page…

I republished it again and still the APPLY FOR GRANT tab shows but now when I click on it it’s messed up and the navigation is gone. uh oh. Here is my Cpanel…


What is inside the public_html folder, that is where your site “should” be

That is where I removed the files from the apply for grant page…
See the daily rental folder, that’s page that I unchecked the box “show in Navigation” and it removed it fromt he published site…it’s not working with apply for grant. And now that I removed all the files it’s toast :confused:

Can I just wipe everything from the Cpanel and republish? Or is that asking for more trouble?? thanks so much for the help everyone!

Show your publishing settings

Hit that browse button by path,
Select public_html, that’s where you should be publishing to.

On each page (inspector):
The filename should be left as index.(html/php)
The folder name should be whatever you want the url to be for that page. Ie. events

In the example above the url would end up as: yoursitename/events

Hopefully that makes sense

cool. I cannot use any non AN characters in the filename, so no () ?

You should leave your file name as index. Unless you have a real good reason not to, index is the default file name that is served so users don’t need to remember it.

You should make your folders (lowercase, no spaces, use a _ between words if multi word) if you can name them a keyword that’s even better.

Then in your .htaccess file make sure you have rules to redirect http -vs- https and www -vs- no www


The user would only need to know to get there

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YAY!!! thank you for spending this last hour helping me out. Have a wonderful rest of your day.


You are welcome

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