"Read more" stack

Hello, I am looking for a non-Foundation stack that does what Big White Duck’s Paragraph + stack does in Foundation: Allows for truncating text with a “Read more” link. I especially like that I can stye the text with a Drop Cap with this stack. Is there a non-Foundation equivalent? Many thanks and Happy 2016.

https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/trunk8.html springs to mind, though I don’t know about the drop cap.

You can always search the excellent resource at https://rapidweavercentral.info/stackcentral/

You will probably find that Paragraph Plus works just fine so long as you can ignore the red “Requires Foundation” message in edit mode. With the style set to default it should pick up on the default text style for whatever theme you are using and if you need to restyle it then simply use a custom style in the settings.

The Readmore and DropCaps functionalities do not have any specific Foundation dependencies at all and so should work the same whichever theme you are using.

Would peekaboo be any good? https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/peek-a-boo