Paragraph Formating: DooBox Stack TRUNK8

I have a photo intensive website that includes a lot of text that discusses what you are seeing in the photograph. To keep the site interesting I want to put more emphasis on the photo than the text.

I downloaded a stack by DooBox called Trunk8. This stack allows you to control how many lines of text are visible and truncates the rest. You can click a link that says “Read More” to display the rest of the text.

The problem I am having is with formatting. The text I want to display consists of several paragraphs but the truncated text runs together in one big continuous sentence.

Is there a way to correct this within the Trunk8 stack?
If not, can someone recommend a similar text that will allow me to control the paragraph formatting?

Odd. I don’t have Trunk8 but I have its predecessor, Trunky and that supported paragraphs.

You can try Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck. That works great and is a brilliant stack in its own right - very powerful and useful. Just make sure you set the Child Stack option to ‘Show’ and then click the ‘+’ button in the stack and choose Read More. All will become clear.

And if you like and use the stack, make a donation.


Thanks for the suggestion Rob.

I did download Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck. I also set Child Stack option to “Show”, clicked the ‘+’ key and selected “Read More”.

I never did get a chance to check out whether paragraphs were formatted properly because I could not see the “Read More” option on the published site. I could see the icon for it when I was in build mode but not punished mode.

Judging from the ReadMore inspector I suspect this has something to do with either an “APPLY TO” state or “INITIAL STATE” ???

Here is a sample using @joeworkman peek-a-boo
Let me know if you want the project file.

Almost any formatting can be added…text, pics…whatever.

That peek-a-boo stack seems to do everything I want.

Most of my site is built upon the Foundry Theme.
Could I use this stack with Foundry?

yep all of @joeworkman stacks work with it.

Thanks Joe.
I did not know that. I always assumed you needed to match stack author with theme author.

Usually, any stacks that are from a framework (Foundry, Foundation, Platform, UIKit) need to be used with the blank theme they provide. This is because most of the CSS and Javascript are part of the theme itself and not part of the stack. So, you can’t use Foundry and Foundation stacks on the same page.

However, other stacks by the developers of those framework developers should work with any other stacks, including frameworks from other developers. They include the CSS and JS they need in the stack itself.

You may find some stacks from that don’t play well together, but in general it’s not an issue as long as you don’t mix platform stacks from one set with another.

Does this mean you can use Foundry Stacks on one page of your website and Foundation Stacks on another?

How does this impact navigation bars? My Foundry Nav Bar is pinned to the top of the site so it never disappears when you scroll and is set up as a Partial. How would I navigate if I had Foundation Stacks below this Nav Bar?

Yes, you could use Foundry on one page of your site and Foundation on another. Just because you technically could, I would still not do it. There are too many complications doing so, such as the navigation issue you mentioned. You’d need to create a navigation menu with either Foundation or non-framework stacks for use on the Foundation page. Then you’re maintaining two separate navigation partials. Remember, you cannot use Foundry stacks (including it’s nav stacks) on the Foundation page.

You’ll also likely find a lot of very minor inconsistencies in the way things look. Things like breakpoints, close boxes, etc. will be slightly different between frameworks and you won’t notice them at first. After you finish you’re site, you’ll begin to notice them.

You should stay within a frameworks set of stacks along with some non-framework stacks mixed in to fill in the spots where you either like them better or cannot find a solution within the framework.

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Thanks Don. I hadn’t considered the problem with breakpoints etc.

These plugins are kind of like going to a yard sale and finding something you never knew you needed until you saw it. Problem is that once you’ve seen it you can’t live without it.

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