Read More / Read Less Stack

Can anybody point me to a “Read More / Read Less” stack that maintains paragraph and text formatting?

I have am using Trunk8 right now but the text that starts out as several properly indented paragraphs becomes one long run-on sentence that has no paragraph separation.

If possible would be great also if I could insert images into the text and have them display properly as well.

Have a look at paragraph pro from bigwhiteduck

Thanks Scott.

I do have Paragraph Pro by bigwhiteduck installed.
I went to their online demo page and it does just what I want.

For some reason I cannot find any instructions in the Inspector to activate the Read More option.
Any suggestions how to toggle this on?

Stretching my memory here but is it a child stack setting? i.e. a blue +

Thanks Scott. I found the options.

Scribe also by Big White is also an option, perhaps better than PP as you can add big chunks of text, including headers, to the body text. Whereas with PP, by rights, you should only be adding a single paragraph.


ReadMore stack:

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