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Hi community, how are you doing? I want to start a new business offering house sellers to advertise there property on my website for a certain EU country and region. SEO will be optimized accompanying with Social Media. I use RW6, Foundation stacks and Cart2 to deal with payments. I am thinking of using a MySQL database and sellers can change pictures and text with CMS and I will have a plug-in for Support. The database has to be used by visitors selecting region, property type, price range, property hectares, price high low/ low high, etc. If I am overlooking something, please tell me. Which stack(s) do I need or meet this requirement the best? I hope this can be made with RW and I’d rather not have to switch over to WP or Wix.

Did some research: @timdietrich was recently developing a stack called AirDrop to be used with Airtable (Which I could use with a team to manage real estate and all what is going on). This would interact with an API key

See this post: Feedback Request: Airtable / RapidWeaver Integration Demo

I’d be reticent to use RW/Stacks with this to be honest.
I’d be more inclined toward something like:

If I were getting into a project like that, I’d want complete control right through.

Which doesn’t give you any advantage if you aren’t able to develop…

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I agree entirely and overlooked that point. The recommendation was intended to hint at the magnitude of the ask ( to do it properly ), in my view.

Having said that the OP did mention MySQL, WP and Wix so I, perhaps subconsciously or unfairly, gave the OP the benefit of the doubt.

Is there a solution for something like this in RW that would accommodate the now ask as well as the inevitable “can it do this too?”, journey. Something bespoke with TotalCMS, possibly?

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Hi Jerome,

EasyDB is ready-made to help you with this: I’m available to answer any questions - just email me through my site :wink: EasyDB:

Thanks, Bill


My first thought would probably be to upgrade to RW8 and stacks 4. No point in starting a new major project with outdated applications.

I’m assuming the payment is for advertising on your site? Or what?

The CMS you’re going to use is probably going to determine the database (or no database) used. You have a lot of requirements outlined. Each user would need to have access to their individual area to post listings(description, price,region, property type images, etc). Then the public would need to search these listings by a bunch of different individual and/or combined criteria.

So my thoughts would be to maybe refine the requirements for the listings and search and then shop for the CMS with capabilities you need. That’s going to be the backbone of what you intend to build.

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You are probably right. I have postponing to upgrade to RW8 as I sometimes read users having problems with their websites. What is Stacks 4 different or more with what I have in Foundation? I read that Stacks 4 can deal with API keys integration.

I am rethinking to do the “database” ourselves, not by the client. And yes Cart2 is to pay for the commission and other services.

Honestly there’s folks having problems with their websites on RW5, 6, 7 and 8. It’s probably not the version of RapidWeaver causing the problems.

RW8 has been out for over a year now and is Probably more stable then the other versions. I haven’t had RW6 on my Macs for well over a year and haven’t opened RW7 in months, it’ll be gone in my next clean up.

I’m not saying you won’t have any hiccups when you upgrade but once you get though the initial update it’s great.

If you’re using Foundation, you’re using stacks 3 or stacks 4. Stacks 4 is the latest version of stacks, the underlying plugin that foundation requires.

Have you had a look at EasyDB? It looks like it might do what you’re looking for.

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I have looked at it, but does not appeal to me. I will be working with my team on various stages of a process and this needs to be reflected in real time online. Airtable seems to fit that requirement.

Hi Jerome, Please let me know how this is going, since I am very interested in your project…thinking about this for my country too! Thanks, Stew.

Hi Stewart,

I am currently looking if Gsheet could be useful for the requirements. Had some questions for the developer @weavium, but think that he/she is on vacation…

Another question for the community: Who knows which image stack is been used on the site, the images have a slightly shade on the background and it seems you can add little headers, in this case a black banner with Ad.
And to add to that: Which Stack takes care of the Filtering?

The RapidWeaver Community site wasn’t built with RapidWeaver, I think it’s Laravel.

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