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I need to build a website for a my girl friend that is a Realtor, her web site right now sucks! One thing she really wants is for her listings, sales to move seamlessly between the MLS and her website. This is includes things like photos, price, maps… Any ideas on how to acoplish this?

Nothing I know about for RW.
There are a number of services(monthly subscription) that have WP plugins and have an API for custom sites. If you’re comfortable working with custom code and can cost justify the fee, might check

RW isn’t always the right tool for the job and I don’t think it would be for this particular scenario. Best buy a great WP theme and subscribe to the plugin Doug Bennet recommended.

He’s building for his significant other. By definition no cost is too high, nor needs to be justified. On the other hand “scrimping” can result in divorce or worse. :slight_smile:

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Shes had 2 people build her site with WP and they have all bombed out. Personally Im not a fan of WP.

Thank you doug, Code doesnt scare me. Ive normally done Obj-C and C++. I might have to get up to speed however

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Is she with a brokerage? Or on her own? If she’s with a brokerage then many places will have code to give you that will let you pull in listings to your site.

I built a site for my wife and was going to do that but we ended up not getting far enough down that path to give you any tips.

Shes at a sotheby’s office but they dont give her that stuff. found out shes paying for IDX Broker and never had it added to her site. She paid 1700$ for a simple stie and its crap