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Hi Everyone,
Have been asked to create a Property Site, showing properties for sale and a separate section for rental accommodation. The site needs to be updateable by them in regard to adding new property images and details. Directly by them.

They require a back-end where they complete general details of properties, also space for adding any other information. Ideally an option form, they click for smaller details like terrace, pool view, mountain view or whatever, and is added automatically, “in list view”, if ticked on some sort of backend form.

I was thinking Total CMS, but unsure if that will allow them complete control to add new properties at will, and concerned about them uploading huge images. Also, is it possible to create a backend form to add small specific details automatically in total cms.

Could certainly use all feedback.

Might be worth investigating G-Sheet - Check out the first example.

I’ve never used it but believe that the blog in Total CMS can be bent in all manner of wonderful ways and that would allow the client to add properties at will and visitors to search using tags etc.

In fact, I think someone on this forum has built something for properties in Spain, IIRC.



I would be inclined to say RW is not the tool for such a job. You will be able to bend various RW CMS solutions to do what you want, but they will always fall short of a bespoke setup for this, of which there are many, as it’s a very competitive sector.

Wordpress has a lot of themes and plugins, assuming you are Ok with WP.

Failing that, the best option I’ve ever found is this: which can be easily embedded into a RW site.

Off-the-shelf the PHPjabber solution linked to is missing a couple of (what I consider) to be key features, mostly based around how search results are sorted and displayed. So expect to add about another €200 to the price to get these things added as a customisation.


Wouldn’t do it with RW. There’s a plenty of solutions for Real Estate Agents and Property Management for Wordpress.

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