Realmac Contact Form Customization

My contact form works exactly as I would like it to. But, I would like to customize it so that I know that an email was sent via my website. For instance, the main message would have “sent from website” appended to it.


I have used a work-around by adding a check box field to the form with the added field named ‘Sent from sitename’.

It doesn’t matter whether the sender checks the box or not, as the text will still appear and you will know where it’s from.

An alternative is to buy the Contact Form stack from Doobox, which I did recently, as it incorporates a form name that appears on the email. It’s more elegant than the standard form and also allows multiple email addresses, should that be useful to you.


@mcasabar yes indeed same opinion as Robert, the Contact Form stack from Doobox doing a right job :+1:. I’m using it on .


That sounds like a great idea!

Thank you,