Doobox contact form treated as junk mail

I’m using Doobox contact form stack , and as always works well. But client has said all messages go straight into junk mail . So they have missed all the new enquires , annoying for them. They use hot mail , is there a way around this or anything they can do to make hotmail accept this form mail. I
Will replace the form with the Mail to stack, for now. Which generates an email rather than a form reply. Thanks

It is because it is addressed to them and how you name the subject.

Ok thanks
I’m presuming it has to be addressed to them ? And how would you name the subject ?

Normally up to them

Isn’t it how hotmail sees the mail as everything sent from the form is sent to the junk folder. There’s quite a few now so it’s not 1 in every 10 , it’s everyone . ( or the method the message is sent via the the server )

Send one to you and look at the header code

Why not make them an email address using the domain of the site?

Hotmail for a business? Seriously?

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its not all internet savvy out there, this is an older business and that’s what they understand and like to use.

You could set up an email using the “domain of the site” and try forwarding that email to Hotmail. I don’t know if you would have better luck or not, but I would hesitate to put someones primary email address on any website or web form. If you use a separate email address that you forward then if it starts getting spam you can change it.


thank you - yes using the a domain based address for form only, would get around the issue possibly with hotmail, they’ve been using their hotmail address for twenty odd years, so all their customers know it , it works well for them , why change for change sake.
Valid advice thank you.
Ive updated the form with mail2 now, this form creates an email and the visitor clicks send. Hotmail will handle this differently - I think.

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