Spam issues with contact form

Our hosting provider (one of the largest in Switzerland) now has a SPAM policy that all email where the From and ReplyTo fields are from different domains is classed as SPAM.

We currently have 4 forms built on FormSnap. In all cases we use SMTP to send the form - this is required by our host. And we want the ReplyTo to be the email address of the person filling out the form, so that the recipient can “reply” to the email. Indeed FormSnap requires that the ReplyTo be formed from one of the form fields.

But now 100% of the email our forms generate is blocked as SPAM.

Our host’s “solution” is for web forms to not use the ReplyTo field at all (or use a dummy NoReply email address from our domain for the ReplyTo field) and to put the email address from the form in the CC field (so that the recipient can reply-all to it). This is not possible with FormSnap.

Has anyone else run into this situation? Any suggestions how I should proceed? Is there some other RW stack I can use that will give me the functionality I need?

Check FormsPlus from Chillidog:

If I’m understanding this correctly, no webform will work with this host. it has long been the case the hosts want the ‘from’ field to use a legitimate domain, but the reply to filed needs to be the email the user has filled in. How can it be the same? I’d think about changing hosting.

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