Reason Pro theme & Flow - anybody using them together?

Anybody have experience with Nick Cates’ Reason Pro & Flow for photogalleries?
They aren’t playing well together (for me). More experimentation in process.

Does anyone have a similar mix of these two that DOES work?

I have a Parent RW Photo Gallery (Flips a short series of images in slideshow)
2 Subordinate galleries to it - each done differently.

  • One uses Collage 2
  • Second uses Flow (or tries to)

The Flow one has stopped working (used to work in other themes).
Each have their own Folder with its index file.

As a test, I created a standalone Flow page & it too, shows ghosted thumbnails & no large view.

Oh yeah: separate issue.
The Collage 2 is 2x for Retina display. On an iPhone 5 sized device, the lightbox enlarged view drops right off the screen, making that one less than perfect too.

Aside: Probably not good form to give your audience several different display & operation methods for separate galleries on one site, bending their expectations.

This mix doesn’t appear an extreme stretch. If I can’t get it to work, I might surrender & change the gallery to something else, but this was in part, a comparative of the types. Right now each have some shortcomings.

Adding some more Reason Pro Issues…
Rather than glom onto someone else’s questions abt Reason Pro, or start a new one, I am appending here.

(Have a contact in to Nick. Its the weekend right now).

Changing themes in a photo gallery to the default one & trying to go back, yielded this:
A death spiral wherein it cycles through 3 photo galleries trying to update previews.