Strange display in site

Probably not a ‘theme’ as such. But I’ve just updated a site to Nick Cates Reason Pro.

Have a look at and then go to any of the photos areas. 1950s, 1960s etc. I’m getting a display of big pictures at the top and then at the bottom a sort of display of the original page. These problem pages were created with Photo Album but were okay with Reason (not pro).

Hi Brad,

I recently found your post as I have built a couple of sites in Reason Pro. I notice that your site navbar was behaving really oddly like my site and stacking all the links on top of themselves when viewed in Internet Explorer on the PC (see attachment)

I contacted Nick Cates and he informed me that switching off the Consolidate CSS Links in the General > Advanced control panel would fix this problem. Hopefully it will do the same for your site.

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Thanks David. Being a Mac person I don’t really have access to a PC to check my work. Until now, nobody has mentioned the problem. I will certainly have a look, thank you once again.

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