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I’ve looked at Joe Workman’s Geo Target Stack but I don’t think this will exactly do what I am looking to do. I am moving from Cartloom to PaySnap as the hosting costs each month are too high. So I will be using Paypal for all my transactions. I can set up a different PayPal purchase for the same products so I can offer free shipping to the US customers, discounted shipping to Canadian customers and have international customers go to the eBay store because international shipping is a real pain. But because PaySnap requires one base stack per page I cant’s have multiple Geo target stacks with different content for each region because that would require more than one PaySnap base stack. Instead, I would like the visitor to be redirected to the appropriate order page (or eBay) depending on where they are located so that I do not have, for example, Canadian customers placing orders on the American order page, expecting to get free shipping.

Is there anything out there for this?


  • Frederick

Use Geo Target in conjunction with my Auto Refresh stack that can allow you to redirect to another page.

Joe, I have experienced conflicts when more than one auto Refresh stacks are used on the page. Have you resolved this issue?

Why would you use more than one on a page?

Because there will be different regions for sales. Right now there are three regions: Canada, USA and International. So I would need at least two on any one order page to redirect to the appropriate region. However, I may decide to sell into another specific region, such as the UK (if the Brexit issue doesn’t f**k things up) or maybe into Japan (they love our stuff). Each region would need it’s own specific price and shipping options. In any case, I would definitely need to use more than one on the page.

Auto Refresh should not be used more than one time on a page. It’s used to either reload the existing page or redirect to a URL after a certain time. There are no conditions. It will do it no matter where you put it on the page.

When you use it with Geo Target or something like Agent, it’s a bit different. Those stacks will only place the Auto Refresh stack onto the page when a particular condition is met. You wont have an issue with multiple in this case unless the conditions actually place two different Auto Refresh stacks.

Make sense?

OK Joe! I’ll take your word for it. Give it a try tomorrow. Thanks!

So Joe, just out of curiosity, how do you test this? How will I know if the site is visited by someone in another country that the appropriate content will be shown to them?

There are a few options

  • Use one of Many VPN services that allow you to choose the location, most of these services charge a monthly fee. Private Internet Access or TunnelBear are a couple of the many VPN providers.
  • With Chrome or Firefox, there are browser extensions/ plugins like Hoxx VPN Proxy that allow the same kinda of thing for free.
  • If you’re the technical kind with Chrome web instructor you can set your location Longitude and latitude for a session.

Geo Target allows you to simulate the location but only inside RapidWeaver preview. You can preview in browser locally and see it in action.

Joe, sorry, I don’t mean to sound like an A-hole, but how can I do that? I would have to travel to another country, preview it in a browser to confirm that it was functioning correctly. If I preview it in my browser, I can maybe test it for working in Canada, but how can I test it for the other countries?

Inside Geo Target, you would have to enable test mode in the settings. You will need to have an IP address to test that is inside that region. This will allow you to verify that it’s really working.

Awesome! Thanks!

Joe, so I bought it. It isn’t working for me. Submitted a ticket.

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