Shopping cart questions

I’ve attempted to contact a couple of vendors recently but have yet to receive a reply so am hoping that some kind folks on here might be able to share some wisdom about the following questions please.

First - in respect of RapidCart - I’ve taken a look at a few sites that use it and have noted a few jarring oddities:

What appears to be a standard green ‘Product added to cart’ notice appearing. Can this and other feedback messages be customised or switched off?
When choosing UK as delivery country - ‘Zip code’ remains the default setting in the address fields - can this be controlled to update dynamically?
Is it possible to complete payment via PayPal without being redirected to the PayPal website?
Also - how much customisation is achievable on product and cart pages in respect of layout?
If anyone could please recommend an example site that really shows off RapidCart to its best advantage and perhaps demonstrates some or all of my question points that would be great.

Second - in respect of the cart used at
Is there a RW-compatible version of this? I particularly like the way it enables on-site PayPal payments rather than redirecting to PayPal.

Many thanks for any advice.

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I’ve used RapidCart on many sites, and I really like it as a RW solution.

I recently used RapidCart on a Russian toy store website and every message that RC displays had to be translated. It was easy to do.

Again, this is something you customise. Most carts I use have Zip/Post Code in the field.

I’m not sure about this as I always use Stripe. PayPal is a rip off.

RapidCart comes with its own stacks. So if you use the Stacks plugin, you can build your own pages and lay them out however you like. There is a learning curve with RC and it does take time (and patience) to set up at first.

I suggest having a look at the manual to see all the options available.

Also, I use the Pro version and I’m not sure what the other versions can or can’t achieve.

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Looks like Yuzool uses - I would imagine this is relatively easy to integrate into Rapidweaver but haven’t used it.


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Thanks Neil - do you know if the messages can be turned off or customised appearance-wise? On the examples I’ve seen they always look to have the same layout and colour scheme and are displayed in the same place.

I understand your comments re PayPal - but it is something I have to include so am interested in how it can be integrated with RC. Presumably Stripe transaction fees are lower than PP?
Ta. D.

Thanks Rob - yes, I had looked at Selz after digging on the Yuzool site. It would appear that Selz is a ‘total store’ product so I am guessing that you could have the store section of a site handled by Selz - which includes the cart seen. However I would rather not go that route if avoidable, preferring to have more control and just ‘plug in’ a cart to my RW site if possible. It’s interesting that Yuzool appear not to be using RW for their own store!

As far as I know, there are no settings to turn off any messages. I suppose you could erase the text in the customisation field, but the “empty space” might cause issues visually.

I customised the styles and colours using CSS, which is easy to do if you’re familiar with CSS. However, RC doesn’t have colour selectors and such.

The way the checkout works, I’d be very surprised if RC took customers to PayPal. The Stripe integration works well and customers don’t know they’re paying through Stripe.

Stripe fees are lower, plus their currency conversion rates are better.

Thanks Neil - those extra details are useful. I will look at Stripe with a view to future projects.

FWIW I have seen some RC sites that do use PayPal but they do this via redirection to the PayPal site so I’m trying to avoid that for this project as it looks a bit naff in my view.