Redirect to mobile-friendly site

(Andreas Belivanakis) #1

What is the best way to redirect users to a mobile-friendly site?

I have a Rapidweaver 5 website I want to keep for a while, but need all mobile/tablet users accessing it to be redirected to a new, Rapidweaver 7, mobile-friendly website I am building now.

What is the best method to achieve this?

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Use a responsive website CSS framework. Google does not like redirects to mobile websites. There are ways, but not the best, like you asked for. Design mobile first with modifications happening after the first fold (the last things to render on the screen).

(Andreas Belivanakis) #3

Thank you. I do design mobile-first for a number of years now, but this is an existing RW5 site based on the Mondrian 3 theme that will take a long time to migrate to a mobile version.

I have the Mobilize add-on, but unless I am mistaken, it can only redirect the home page. How about all the other pages?