Is it possible to add a mobile theme to an existing site or does the theme have to be “responsive” and include a mobile theme?

I have been using the rapidweaver theme EZ3 since 2008. With a bunch of CSS tweaks provided by you all kind people it’s kind of perfect for my needs.

I’m wondering if there is a way to add a mobile theme to a website that mobile users get redirected to. Or if I have to redo the site with a “responsive” theme that comes with a mobile site? (Does responsive mean that the theme adapts to mobile users or that it redirects to a mobile site like most major websites do?)

I’d love to add a mobile site to my current site at least as a stop gap temporary measure until I’m able to find a new theme.

I’m using RW4 because I’ve been really sick with a chronic illness since 2012 and haven’t been able to update the site since then. But I’ve got a window here of maybe being able to do some small tweaks.

If I can add a mobile site to my existing site can anyone recommend a mobile theme that will work on RW4 and work well for a photography website? And how to get it to redirect mobile users?

Thank you all!


Most modern websites do not redirect to a dedicated mobile site, IMHO.

I would re-implement the website with a modern responsive theme instead of redirecting to a dedicated mobile website.

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I’m still really sick and am not able to redo the whole site. But I could add a mobile site if that’s possible. I’ve been wanting to for years but haven’t been able to due to my health.

Thank you!

The way you’d normally do this is to create a second site that’s mobile only and then use something like Mobilize ( to detect when a mobile device visits your main site and automatically re-direct visitors there.

Honestly, @instacks is right - you’re better of building a site with a responsive theme.


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I physically can’t fight now. I’m still bedridden. I’ve really been very very sick.

But I could probably make me a simple mobile site since I already have all my image galleries put together.

Where do I put the redirect stacks page? Anywhere and just don’t show it in the menu?

Any recommendations for a mobile site that works with RW4 and is good for photography?

This is very exciting for me!! Thank you so much!

Regretfully if that statement is true and you are still using RapidWeaver 4, nothing anyone is talking about here on these forums (like Mobilize) is going to work for you.

I am just saying that to try and save you time and money! I’d love to sell you a copy of Mobilize, but I don’t think it is going to work for you…

RapidWeaver 4 is at least ten years old. Newer plugins (like Stacks) have since come along. You are going to need the Stacks plugin to use stack elements like Mobilize. It is not possible to use Mobilize without Stacks.

A lot has changed since RapidWeaver 4!

Can you give us a link to view the current website and see just how badly broken it is on mobile?

Sometimes there are simple pieces of code you can add to a webpage (like a viewport meta tag or CSS for responsive image scaling) that can bring a big improvement for mobile compatibility.

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Thanks for the reply. That makes me sad. I’ve been bedridden unable to even speak for the last 7 years. I just haven’t been able to update anything. I don’t have the energy now to update RW and deal with whatever changes that causes to my site or build a new one. I’d have to update my computer OS for one thing and I can’t even do that because it means updating everything.

I guess I can’t do it. I’m happy to post a link to my website as soon as it’s live. I’m moving hosting companies at the moment and it shouldn’t be down but it is. But should be back up soon.

Thanks for all the replies.

Wait my version of Rapidweaver has stacks. Does that mean I could use that redirect plugin?

But I don’t suppose any of you know of any RW4 compatible mobile themes.

I think the bigger factor here would be what version of the Stacks plugin do you have installed?

The Mobilize stack has a minimum API requirement of version 7 - which I think loosely translates to Stacks 3.5 or something around there.

So the stack definitely will not work if you only have Stacks v1 or Stacks v2 on your computer.

Mobilize does have a code generation option, so someone using the stack on a newer computer could generate the redirect code for you like this, to go in the Page Prefix box:

	require_once '';
	$detect = new Mobile_Detect;
	// If mobile but not tablet
	if( $detect->isMobile() && !$detect->isTablet() ){
	// If tablet
	if ($detect->isTablet()) {

In addition to this code, you would have to add the mobile_detect.php downloaded and referenced on line #2.

So it might be possible to make this work in an ancient version of RapidWeaver.

But you can see it becomes complicated. I don’t even remember if RapidWeaver 4 has a Prefix box! It definitely does not have support for previewing PHP pages, so if you were to use this code, you would have to sacrifice your ability to preview webpages in RapidWeaver, before they are published.

That is perhaps too much of a compromise for you to deal with.

@Spacemonkey I have replied to your direct message with some confidential information and download links.

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