Reduce distance in RW8 Future Theme

How can i reduce the distance between the individual articles in the rapidweaver 8 future theme?
There is too much white space!

Unless there are options in the theme or whatever else you are using for the articles, you could do with some a CSS snipper:

.blog-entry {
    margin-bottom: 3rem;

Should do it for you. You can change the 3rem to a 6rem or whatever you like. Note that its currently set to 12rem. Further note that a lot of space is taken up with room/placeholders for comments, so if your articles begin to attract comments you may need to revisit that setting.

Paste that snipper into the CSS panel and see what you think.


Thanks a lot, It works fine

Unhid, a great solution that I’m sure others will need in the future :wink:

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