Regen theme by Multithemes

I just bought and I am using the 'Regen’ theme by Multithemes (see I have changed the default Twitter and Pinterest logo’s on the home page successfully in Extracontent area by changing code in HTML Sidebar (added Instagram next to Facebook), but cannot find how to add the link to my FB-page in the code? There is a link that is somewhere generated to a wrong URL instead of being able to change it to

Cannot find any setting to change this. Am I missing something? Also the name of the Instagram logo remains Pinterest. I have found in the HTML of index.html how to change that but everytime I change something in Rapidweaver also the index.html is overwritten and I am back to Sq 1.

The HTML code I have entered in Sidebar of the homepage is:


I have asked via mail/twitter but Multithemes is not reacting ;(

Thx for help Paul

<div class="center"> <i class="fa fa-instagram fa-fade-100 fa-max-75 "></i> &nbsp;  &nbsp; <i class="fa fa-facebook  fa-fade-150 f fa-max-75 "></i>  &nbsp;  &nbsp; </div><!-- center -->

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