Remove an image background with css

On my website page Test 1, I am using the ‘Swell’ stack to enlarge an image from a smaller icon. The stack works perfectly but, when the small image is clicked, it expands into a light box and there is a background - please visit my site to see what I mean.

I want to remove that background in order to display the enlarged image on a plain grey background, same as my website colour. I have some css code but do not know how to use it in RapidWeaver so I am hoping that somone can help me please.
Ronnie West.

You can add the CSS code in the CSS area of the page inspector if it’s for a single page. If you need it site wide, add it to the CSS area in the site wide code area.

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Hi Scott,
Thankyou for your swift response!
Using the information you supplied, I have now been able to change the background colour on my page.