Newbie Question. Sorry

Sorry to be so lame. I’m brand new to RW having been trying to keep afloat with iWeb up until now. Here’s a very basic question that seems obvious but I haven’t been able to solve it. I’m trying to use an exiting theme (Offroad) but change the background color of the main content box. Is this not possible? I’m not afraid of a little CSS code but I just don’t know what object I should be calling.

If you look at the settings on the right it seems as though you can change both the background colour and the opacity of the background overlay just by selecting each coloured box in turn and then using the colour picker to alter the colours to your preference. I don’t have the theme I’m afraid, so I can’t check.

Welcome to RW. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll love it.

PLEASE IGNORE my dufus reply. Didn’t read message carefully enough!

Hi - don’t apologise, ask away…

I could not find the option to change that colour in the theme, but a little CSS snippet does the trick. Just put this in the page or global CSS container depending on whether you would like it applied to just that page or all of them.

.site-content-inner {
    background: yellow;

You’ll want to change the ‘yellow’ to something that suits your project, naturally.


Great! Thanks so much. Exactly what I was looking for.

Now if I could just ask one more?

What if I want to add an image onto this site content box and have it fill the area completely - as if I had just dropped the image onto the background of the site.

So in this example, the photo would entirely cover up the green bg.

It sounds like you would like the image to take on the role of a “hero” style banner and cover the whole landing page? Presumably you would like to add some content further down the page? Is that correct? It may not be possible in this theme (or require a lot of custom CSS to achieve it).

if you can confirm a few more details about your intended layout I’m sure we can make some suggestions on how to achieve it.

Are you using the Stacks plugin to build your pages?

Thanks again. I’m not really sure where I’m going but I guess I’m looking to get less locked into a pre-fab theme - preferring to start from scratch. I do have a Blank theme - but it doesn’t give me the nice menu and navigation options that I like from most of the other themes.

I do have Stacks and that’s what I’ve been playing with.

I guess I’d like to have a slideshow panel that just sits on the background - without a border.

I actually think he wants a background image behind the content. There is the eclipse stack by Joe Workman which will do this

Initially I thought that too, but then noticed that the dark image of the band is already there in the background and figured that maybe he wanted the content out of the way so as to ‘fill the area’. Not sure :confused:

@adman17 It might be worth looking into a free (not cost!) open framework like Foundry, Foundation, Freestack Responsive, Pure or UIKit… they will generally let you build most anything you like. Using the built in free themes with RW will more than likely frustrate you (eventually) unless you are ready to accept their limitations.

Thanks. Will check out those themes!

I appreciate the quick and helpful responses.

Incidentally (and this looks like an age old battle) which of those open framework packages do you have a preference for - if any?

Who are you asking? :wink:

I guess I just want to hear that neither is a wrong choice to dive into.

I prefer Foundation, but that is because I work for Joe. It has been around longer than all but Freestacks. It has a thriving community and gets lots of support. Plus all of the Big White Duck stacks work with Foundation (most work with non-foundation themes too) and they are free.

For my part, I opt for Foundry or UIKit. For someone with less experience on Rapidweaver I think Foundation can be quite taxing.

Foundation’s fantastic but I agree with @Fuellemann - it’s a big hill to climb if you’re not familiar with RW to begin with.

Unless of course, you opt for one of the Foundation templates and then modify that. But then it starts to get a bit more expensive.

P.S. There’s also Freestack Responsive which has been around longer than any of them and was used to build all these sites.

Also don’t forget if you don’t want to stretch to the expense or the learning curve of a Framework such as Foundation, Foundry, UIKit, etc, you can just use a blank theme which is what my Templates use.

Checkout my Templates at to see what can be achieved using just a blank theme and mostly free “donation ware” stacks.

Whether you use a Framework of a blank theme there will still be a learning curve to understand how to use stacks. The beauty of my Templates is that the difficult stuff is already done for you and by seeing how it is done can accelerate your learning.