Replace in RW 6

In RW6 Is there an equivalent of the old ‘Replace’ a page type in RW5?

If not, what is the preferred way to change a Page Type, please?


Delete page. Add page. :+1:t2:

Thanks; Changing an existing page’s type would be useful, wouldn’t it!

Yeah, I used replace a lot in RW5 but it’s not that much more of a hassle because you still needed to change the folder name anyway…
Only one more step to change the page in RW6.

Yes - and there are so many advantages to RW6, which I like a lot and find works so well :slight_smile: .

For our notes: what data / information are you looking to keep on the new page? Filename / metatags etc?



As much as possible, I think :smile: .

But I appreciate there are other higher priorities for you; RW6 is such a delight. Thanks!

If at some stage what was there in RW5 could also be here in 6, that’d be terrific. Good luck!