"Replace Page" in 6.3.1

I am over-the-moon about the return of the “Replace Page” feature!!! I literally jumped for joy when I read the release notes.
There is just one thing. I can’t find the “Replace Page” option in my existing projects, although I see that it appears with a [control-click] for new projects. Is there a way to get it to work for existing projects?

Yes; thanks for bringing it back.

But I too do not see it as an option for a project originally built in 6.3

The “Replace Page” feature is only available on the Ctrl-Click menu. Investigating why this isn’t appearing for older projects. It certainly should be there…


My apologies; the ‘older’ project I tried with does reveal it - but only with Right/Control-click… not from the File menu itself. I hadn’t realized that there was that distinction. Thanks again!

Just fixed the issue for 6.3.2:



As we no longer have a “sheet” to display the pages in (we use a menu from the plus button instead), the Replace feature is only available via the Ctrl-Click menu.

Understood. Thanks. Still happy :slight_smile:

Once again, the Replace Page feature has saved my bacon.
Thanks for putting it back in!