Change page type after creation

I’m delighted that RapidWeaver now supports Markdown. So much that I want to rewrite many pages in Markdown format. But to do that I seem to need to create a new page altogether, and that means I need to update pages that point to the old page.

Is it possible to change a page type after creation?

Mostly I want to go from styled text (or HTML) to Markdown.


Copy/paste into a Markdown page.

But the broader answer is: why not use Stacks 3? It has a Markdown stack and offers much greater flexibility for design relative to other page types.

Markdown rocks, and it seems to me that Stacks is the best way to implement.

You can use the “Replace page” option, found by right-clicking on the page in the Page List. You can choose any other plugin type but the content would be lost when replacing the page. Only the page’s attributes (i.e. location online) and metadata are saved


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Thanks Nic, I’ll give that a try

  • content is not important, I can cut it out and paste it back if needed