Replacing Pages

I updated information on several pages and added one page to my Website. Should I upload the current website and let the new files over write the old files? Or should I delete the old website pages first, then upload the new files.

If you’ve changed the URL of any of the pages, it’s best to delete the old pages first. But if it’s just text/image changes, it would be OK to just publish over the existing pages.

Every so often, I’ll delete all pages and republish the whole site just to make sure there are no old bits lurking around. But that’s just a personal choice.


If you do delete files just make sure you know what it is you are deleting. You have (or will end up) with files on your site that you may not recognize. For example: htaccess files, log files, config files, flat files for php scripts, etc.

If you are not changing urls (links) on your site then just publish. One way you can see what RW is doing is to publish locally (local disk) just to see what files are generated. What get overwritten, etc. Do this with single page publishing too (single page and single page with child pages). You’ll learn how RW outputs files and when. I have a 1500 page site (broken up into several project files) and I cannot remember the last time I published the entire site. 90% of my publishing (uploading) is a single page publish. In fact, I can’t publish the entire site at once because, as I said, my site is broken up into several project files. If I do upload hundreds of pages at a time I “export” and then upload the files with sftp app.


Thank you!

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