Replay Live Video Demos of CMS for RapidWeaver

Earlier this month I launch my new CMS for RapidWeaver. This represents the next big shift in designing professional websites using RapidWeaver. In order to help you realize its full potential, I scheduled over 14 live video hangouts in order to personally reach out to everyone all over the globe. The response was really overwhelming! However, not everyone who wanted to, was able to attend.

I recorded 2 of the live hangouts for you to watch at your leisure. Both sessions are very similar. However, since different people were online with each hangout, I do answer different questions. Each replay is around 2 hours long and they are completely unedited.

I hope that you enjoy these recorded sessions and you start using the power of the new CMS to make your websites even better.


P.S. I have a new product launch coming later this week. It will really make an Impact… Stay tuned!


Hey Joe, congrats for the great work you’ve doing for the RW scene!!! I have a question about Total CMS, I saw on your website that you plan to include blogging within Total CMS but it’s not available yet. So, do have an estimate date for releasing this feature?? Also could you share how it will work? Also Will it inherit the site styles I set for the website I will be creating?

Thanks!!! And go forth and make great tools for RW!!!

Best regards,
Marco Almeida.

I am shooting for January. However, I still have a lot of development to go on it (a.k.a. its still mostly in my head). So it may slip. I hate giving dates because people get upset when I don’t meet them. For example, I shipped Total CMS 3 months after my initial guesstimates.

The blog should behave exactly how you think a blog should behave. I don’t plan on cutting any corners. It will definitely inherit styles from the theme or Site Styles in the case of Foundation.

Marvellous!!! Will be waiting for it then!!!