Beautiful new Realmac blog

Really impressed with the new design and layout of the new Realmac News blog. This is one of the most slick look and presented blogs ever. Hoping that one day RW will be able to create a blog like this. Great job. See


Apparently they help make people builder better websites…

Typos aside, looks slick…

I laughed at this longer than I should have.

But yes, nice looking update.

That was the first thing I noticed! It was NOT funny at all to me…

Yes but ignoring the spelling and the content, it’s a slick blog.

A shame is dead.

I know I have said it before. Call me a troll. Still and not built with RapidWeaver. To me this is still a very sad testimony. :disappointed: That said the CSS side is very nice! :smiley:

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Totally agree, if you don’t use your own product something is wrong!


There are a lot of stacks that you can use to create blogs. Total CMS is one of them. There are others, you can find them with a search here

@benb No there is no stack or RW solution to build a blog like that. If there was a stack to build a blog like that I would pounce on it for sure. That blog is much more than thumbnails that expand. It is about a 1, 3, 2 repeating post layout with perfectly spaced and proportioned content.


Total CMS Does exactly that. You can see the blog in action here

You can click on a thumbnail and it will expand into the full post page. Now, @webdeer is right, there is not that layout, but if you are just asking for thumbnail to post like the OP showed, then Total CMS will do that.

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So, after all RW is not good enough for its developers?

I tend to agree with @SteveB, even though RealMac is a software development co. That doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t take advantage of other platforms, code bases, frameworks etc. that are developed by 3rd parties. I use lot’s of different vendors products to get the job done and deliver a total solution, I’ll bet most here do.


Yes. Just played half an hour. Pretty close I think:



Except for pretty much every design element from the original - its a web page I suppose.

Your comment is quite funny, comparing half an hour customizing of Poster Stack with I don’t know how many of hours going into the design of the Ghost blog. I am not intending to copycat anything - just want to show what’s possible with a great product in a short period of time.


Very good point. Clearly that Ghost blog went through a long design cycle with a great deal of adjustment during the design phase.


My comment related to your original point - the design and layout not the simple blog functionality. The above example did not demonstrate even an approximation to that. Everything seems to just become a sales pitch on here - shame. At least rip the original’s nth-of-type CSS and give it reasonable shot!

Jannis, I’ve been wanting to set-up Poster like your Ghost example but can’t find the settings to do this. How do you get the mouse and keyboard image to be the header on the item page rather than the mug image? Might there be a project download available?? I thought each item page had to have the same styling as the poster list page (same header etc.). Ideally I’d like to have one header/banner image and some text etc. below it on the main poster list page that don’t appear on each poster item page.




This can be down with the Show / Hide Stack: inStacks Software | Poster Stack - Blog and Multi-Purpose Content Stack

Testproject Download (with that exact page): inStacks Software | Poster Stack - Blog and Multi-Purpose Content Stack
See CSS styling for that page also.