RW and total CMS question

My question: if a website is made with RW (and published ), can CMS still be added or do one start with Total CMS from a new project?

Yes, you can add Total CMS to an existing Rapidweaver project.


thank you Rob. Maybe you can show me a website made that way? That should help me a lot.

I will work on a video showing you how to convert a site from a regular site to a Total CMS site. It might not be until tomorrow until I get it done, but it is very easy to do.

Well, that’s great!!! Thank you very much!!! I’ll watch my email.

Hi Zeebe from Team Joe Workman, have you had a little bit of time for me to make a video? I thank you for that.

Just finishing it up, give me an hour or so.

Ok something came up it will be later today

OK, no problem, see you later then!