Help me get RapidWeaver themes listed on ThemeForest!

Hey Guys,

I think it would be great if ThemeForest had a category for RapidWeaver themes, there’s certainly a big enough market it for it. It would help us, RW Developers and users of RW if there was another place that people could find and buy RapidWeaver themes…

If you think this sounds like a good idea, please contact Envato (they run theme forest), and let them know:

Without user feedback and demand they are unlikely to add it.


@dan I’ve emailed them using your link. Although to be honest I don’t hold much hope, because I know Adam Merrifield of SeyDesign approached them a few years back, but had all his theme submissions rejected.

Based on what I’ve seen from the Wordpress perspective, its very much a checkbox submission system. So for example you have to provide the PSD of your work and your theme has to be completely self-contained with no dependancies on outside libraries or CDN’s like Foundation, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery, Google Fonts etc. So it’s not quite as easy as it might look to get stuff listed on there.

If there is enough demand, perhaps they might reopen the RapidWeaver category again and slacken the requirements to suit RapidWeaver themes. One can hope.

Interesting. It’s worth a shot…

Do you know any other theme listing sites that we might be able to get RapidWeaver themes supported on?


What about ?

I’m going to open a marketplace on my filesprout site ( + new design soon - lols :yum: Everyone is of course welcome there as another sales channel, but 0 eyeball traffic as yet.

CreativeMarket is a good shout

@willwood, email received! Hey @dan, I’m Will Herring and I manage the Content Growth Team at Envato. Our team is responsible for launching new products and optimizing existing categories. Happy to discuss a RapidWeaver launch with you. Do you have time to chat next week?



@WilliamHerring Sounds great, you can email me at and we can work out a time :smile:


It would seem to me that they will want a substantial piece of the pie. Isn’t this information already available in the add-ons area? I am trying to understand the advantage of adding ThemeForest.

@JohnJ, it’s another channel to reach more customers and new users. Everyone will benefit.

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