E33 Podcast Feedback

Awesome show again folks @dan & @ben !

RE: Finding Themes… it turned out farther down the thread that the person was looking for a complete project based off a theme with a description of what stacks/plugins would work with it (basically).

This is not doable and really has nothing to do with the Community Site in general I do not think.

What Developers need to do is create downloadable project files with the Theme purchase AND have a live demo on the site with a description of the elements used to create the live demo site. Some do, some do not… I think that’s where things need to improve personally.

RE: RapidWeaver 7 - Please, anyone complaining about 6.x.x email @dan and ask to be put on the V7 beta list, try it out and report issues or there really is no reason for you to complain if you encounter issues in the final build. Many people using it means many more use cases and possible issue resolution.

my 2 pence


Thanks mister Turtle, you’re very kind :wink:

Good call on the 6.x.x bugs, please email dan@realmacsoftware.com if you’d like to be in on the beta for RW7!

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By the sounds of it, I am starting to get worried for my wallet with the inevitable onslaught of stacks that are coming when RW 7 launches…

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