Hide This Stack on Tablet does not hide on iPad Landscape?

Why is this? An iPad in landscape orientation is still a tablet, and I need my stack to be hidden in that orientation.

Because I think Stacks is looking at the screen width, rather than the device browsing the page. It’s made all the more complicated, now that Apple has different iPads of different resolutions.

You might want to try my free RottenApple stack instead, which was partly developed to overcome your problem:

This does not care for screen widths - it instead looks at the user agent (device) before deciding whether to conditionally hide or show something. If you want to hide something on the iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation, then this might be your answer.

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Will, Thanks so much for the free stack. It works great. I would like to make a suggestion about some of the wording in the stack, which it appears you changed since writing your instructions.

Maybe this could say “Content displayed on mobile browsers.”

And this could say. “Content displayed on desktop browsers.”