Responsive themes not working using OS X Server on Yosemite

(Robert Barrett) #1

OS X server, hosting my websites, wraps everything in a frameset which according to my theme developer negates it displaying properly on an iPhone or iPad using iOS10. On an iMac all displays fine. How can I stop the server app from doing this? The page’s contents are in this frameset the media quires which control the responsiveness of the page cannot act, so things are not appearing correctly.

(Robert Barrett) #2

Problem solved - I was having GoDaddy forward, with masking, my domain name to a DNS service which monitors for my dynamic ip address changes. I turned off masking and all is now responsive.

(Patricia Bridewell) #3

Another issue – change settings on iPhone or iPad… settings/safari/advanced/experimental features/disable async scrolling… RapidWeaver 8 Mobile Display Issue