Theme "iPhone" totally failed to adapt webpage to different platforms

New to RapidWeaver, and chose Theme iPhone due to its claim of adapting webpage to tablets and smart phones. Uploaded and appears fine on a computer screen. BUT on tablet it looked just like on a smart phone, oversized and a total fail. It DID NOT display as “preview” forecast it would display.

What might I have missed?


If I remember correctly, this theme is way way out of date and was originally developed for the first iPhones that came out.

Included with Rapidweaver 6 are five new Responsive themes that will look great across all devices. Try one of those instead or check out the many Responsive themes available on the community page.

Responsive basically means that the look of your website will alter depending on what it is viewed on. Simple test is to choose one of the free responsive themes and swap it for the one you are using. On the drop down Preview menu you can then select to see what it will look like on various devices before you waste time uploading it.