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RW is great in that it allows one to drag and drop an image from anywhere you can access, but what it doesn’t allow is for images to be revealed in the Finder. Thus, my feature request is for a way to locate the original source media used in a site.

I’ve opened many old sites and locating the original images is painful to say the least.

Please add a reveal in Finder for images.


It’s not very elegant, but if you right click on your Rapidweaver project file and select Show Package Contents, you can drill down into the site and find your images that way.



Thanks of the insight. This is a very handy method that I use when I have to. However, Package Contents a where compressed copies of the original are located. I’m seeking the originals. I use spotlight or EasyFind to locate these files currently, but it would be a extra nice if I could right+click an image in RW and choose Reveal in Finder or Show File. Heck I would be happy with the ability to copy the file path and paste that into “Go to Folder…”.

@dnice I’m not sure how your request is possible or would work. Many many folks do not keep their images in the same place. Or just store on an external drive. I imagine it would take a lot of work for RW (or any app) to keep track of where a file is located due to changes in location, changes in folder names, and so forth.

It’s very easy to create a project folder in your finder that contains your RW file, but also a sub-folder with any/all images used. Plus any other materials used (PDFs, etc.)

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Revealing the original image in the Finder can’t be that difficult of an add. RW has to access the file when the project file is opened I don’t see why it would be so impossible to reveal the file and or it’s location. I’ve been using RW for over 10 years and this is my first or second feature request. Do I expect it to be added. No, but if I don’t put it out there then it will never happen for sure.

It doesn’t have to be a right+click. The path to the original file could be in the inspector under Image details.

Sure my image management hasn’t been the greatest and I’ve made a more structured change, but this doesn’t change the fact that my original media is coming from all over the place. RW can load the original and I’m sure it can be made smart enough to show me where the original is located. I have faith in those who create RW.

This is the feature request part of the forum after all.

If you are talking about things like styled text, where you drag an image on to the page directly then that option does kind of exist already in RW8.

I don’t recommend doing it this way.

If you set the advanced option for Site Resources to “Leave in place”

Now if you drag an image onto a page RW8 will put that image into the Resources tray.
So open Resources and find the image, right click and you will have an option to Reveal in Finder.

That would take you to the original image, assuming it’s still there. That’s exactly why I don’t recommend it (and it’s not the default). If the image gets moved, deleted, or renamed the project will not find it and it will be broken.

If you have the Site Resouces option in advanced settings set to “Copy into document”(the default) it will NOT be a compressed copy. Whatever you dragged onto the page will be what is stored in the project file resources and what will end up on the website.

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You nailed it. The old sites I’m opening/converting have “Leave in place” checked and no files in the Site Resources. All New Projects use the default to copy to Resources.

The good news is that my “Leave in place” projects are still publishing without issues which confirms the files are here someplace.

I’m glad to learn this problem has been solved. Thanks to the replies. I learned from each post.


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