RW7 File Locations

I upgraded to RW7 from RW6. However, I cannot find any of my files. They appear to have been saved in a folder called “Rapidweaver,” but I cannot even find that file on my computer. I did find my old files by reloading RW6, but even with using Finder, I cannot find my old RW sites. Can anyone help me locate my files and load them into RW7? (or just find them so I can update them in RW6)?


Have you tried using Spotlight?

Top right on the task bar in the Finder, a magnifying glass. Click it once.

Into the search box that appears type:


(That’s the extension for RW 7 Projects.)

In the Folders segment of the results which will be displayed you should see your Projects (=‘sites’); note that there will be other .rw files and folders - and that to Spotlight RapidWeaver Projects (may) appear as folders (because they are!).

At the very bottom of the Spotlight results window, double-click on ‘Show all in Finder’ and wait a second or two.

You can now filter/sort this results window either by date to get the Projects which you know you’ve been working on recently, and/or by Kind, which for you will be ‘RapidWeaver Project’. Note the directory/folder where they’re located now and navigate to it to see your sites. Good luck!