RW 6 cannot find files

I had a hard disc failure last year which wiped out a lot of files, and a lot of my old RW files went missing. I need to make a couple of small changes to a simple site, but I can’t find the original files. This happened with another site a couple of months ago, and I resorted to downloading the files from my server.

So the files are now all present on my computer, but I can’t persuade RW to find them. It’s fine with the images - I’ve simply imported them anew - but I’d like to restore the files to their previous state so that I don’t have to redo everything. It’s not helped by the fact that I used a symNivo stack which has been discontinued, and I’d rather not rebuild all of that either!

So how do I persuade RW to look across the whole of my HD? Or should I move the files to a specific location, and if so which?

With RW6 the project file (what RW opens) where not backed up to the server. What you downloaded was probably the HTML or PHP files along with the supporting files like images, CSS, and JavaScript. RapidWeaver will not be able to open these files. RW7 introduced an option to back up the project file to the server when you publish.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the project file on a backup like TimeMachine, all you can do is rebuild the project.

Thanks Doug. At least I’ve recovered the images, and luckily the content is pretty simple. I’ll just make a new website then!

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